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Custom made transparent and luxury casket for Perfume

We make transparent and luxurious perfume cases, in complex and elegant geometric shapes, setting off your perfume bottles to perfection while showcasing your brand.



Giani Versace perfume case

"Versace" perfume case


This prismatic design plays on transparency and light, giving the case a luxurious appearance. The "crystal" purity magnifies this exceptional perfume. All the outside faces of the case are free of draw taper.

This Versace case in PMMA is resistant to chemicals thanks to an ionomer resin cup insert. Its thickness is up to 20 mm.


To ensure customer satisfaction, we take a proactive approach, in line with designer choices in terms of aesthetics and image.


In order to meet your requirements as closely as possible, we offer you a global service covering all aspects, from product design through to specific logistics, in complete confidentiality.