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Custom made tops in plastic injection moulding

We make custom tops in complex and elegant geometric shapes, setting off your perfume bottles or carafes for spirits to perfection.


We have considerable expertise in processing great thicknesses.



Top for Maxim's perfume

"Maxim's" perfume top


This PMMA top was moulded in a single operation. 20 mm thick, it shows a high level of transparency. The taut surfaces of the cap enhance the appearance, letting the light through into the very heart of the material. Our expertise in rheology guarantees optimal quality.


Inside, satin-finish grooving cleverly conceals the polyethylene element providing chemical resistance and leak tightness.

Top for COTY perfume

Top for "Coty" perfume bottle


This range of perfume bottle tops in injection moulded PMMA illustrates the high quality standards offered by Gaggione to its customers.


Thanks to 30 years' experience and know how, we have expertise in a range of technical and physical constraints, including transparency and design compliance. With thicknesses of up to 15mm, this range of tops has great purity.


Our experience enables us to offer a wide range of materials