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Quality and sustainable development


Ever since its creation, GAGGIONE has introduced a culture based on a triple alliance: quality-aesthetics-efficiency.


Our future and our position on future markets are linked to continuous improvement of our quality system, to increase the satisfaction of our customers.

Our quality system is based on the following principles:


  • Listening to customers
  • Personnel involvement and accountability
  • Process approach and management by system approach
  • Continuous improvement approach
  • Factual decision-making approach
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relations


Gaggione has been ISO 9002 certified since 1995, ISO 9001 since 2001. You can download our ISO 9001:2015 certificate here.


This translates into four main actions: plan, do, check and improve.


Compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard means demonstrating our ability to supply, on a regular basis, a product compliant with customer specifications and statutory requirements.


In terms of safety and risk management, we use the ILO-OSH 2001 frame of reference.

Gaggione has implemented a legislative and regulatory watch procedure.


Our products are covered by the REACH and ROHS regulations.

Additional information:


To obtain our quality assurance manual please contact us, specifying your requirements.


Quality and sustainable development