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Prototype cavity housed in a standard holding block

Small batches: possible and economical!


We can make proposals for small volumes by making "batch" design cavities in our own holding blocks. Depending on the success of the project, we then propose multi-cavity tools owned by you. The financial risk is therefore completely controlled.


  • Prototype cavity for collimator for optical fibres (see photo) produced in five weeks to validate the optical principle. Injection in optical quality PMMA. Quality level: 20 µm form faults and roughness ≤ 10 ηm.
  • The end customer tested full product functionality thanks to the production of radar lens prototype cavities in six weeks (see photo). The optical principle was validated before production of the final tools.
  • Prototype cavity for traffic light lens (see photo) produced in four weeks to validate the optical principle before production of the final tool.


collimator for optical fibres
radar lens