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Production resources

Our guarantee of industrial performance is based on our ability to manage your projects from start to finish: 


Tool workshop 



Production workshops 


  • 24 injection presses including 20% electric (30-430 T). Average age of the installed base of optical machines: 3 years
  • 3 screen-printing lines for UV and standard inks (marking area 600 x 400 mm)
  • 4 pad printing machines, one- and two-colour with closed cup system Ø 90 et Ø 130.
  • 4 hot stamping machines, 0.5 T to 13 T


Our production capacity in injection is 3 x 8h, Monday to Friday. We can increase our production capacity with 2 x 12h weekend shifts if required.


Every year we use 2,000 T of raw materials including 1,000 T of PP, 400 T of PMMA and 300 T of PC.


With the aim of optimising our production process, we have nearby injection presses and resources for hot marking, one- and two-colour pad printing, and assembly of mechanical or electronic components.





Project management of partners for complementary trades in :



Production resources