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Custom made presentation and storage drawer, by injection moulding

We make custom presentation and storage drawers for luxury products in food and cosmetics, or fashion accessories such as jewellery, pens, watches, lighters, etc.


Both elegant and functional, they are injection moulded in various materials and colours.


Our customers' top priorities are aesthetics and functionality, which must match up to the luxurious image of the products to be showcased.



detail of a storage moulded in plastics

Luxury drawer in injection moulded plastic


With a maximum thickness of 7 mm, this drawer was a considerable challenge for our engineering office. Moulded in PMMA, it is transparent, brilliant and pleasing to touch. This material also complies with standards for food use.


Note that this sliding mechanism presents technical constraints associating precise design calculations and high mechanical resistance.

Finally, an in-mould engraving process "signed" the product without any reworking for marking; the logo has a satin finish and appears on the front face of the drawer.