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POS trays and shelves, custom made by injection moulding

We make custom trays, shelves and holders for POSA, transparent, polished, or coloured. These are designed for promotion of cosmetics or luxury goods.

Depending on our customers' specific requirements, we also develop presentation or serving trays in complex and elegant geometric forms.



"Guerlain" POSA shelf


This injection moulded shelf in PMMA has a maximum thickness of 20 mm, with bevelled glossy surfaces.


Its dimensions and the transparency requirement were a considerable challenge for Gaggione and its engineers. The challenge was taken up by our experts and the results can be seen in the purity, transparency and geometry of the piece.




Thanks to our knowledge of rheology of materials, we have developed some cutting edge high density (d=1.9) materials. These new materials maintain the aesthetics of your creations while guaranteeing greater mechanical and/or chemical resistance.