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Gaggione specialist fields

In the design and manufacture of plastic parts, Gaggione's activities are very diversified and fall into four categories: optics, packaging, luxury and promotional items.


These highly technical optical components require complete know-how, from the design stage through to production. They are used in a wide range of lighting applications.


For many years now, we have integrated products based on high power leds into our developments.






Gaggione designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of opaque or transparent boxes.


These models are registered under the brand name PLASTICASE, and can be customized in terms of decoration or interior fittings to meet customer requirements.


Our in-house engineering office and our know-how in the production of injection moulds enable us to design and manufacture custom packaging.




For many years the company has developed very specific skills in the injection of transparent materials of great thickness for perfumery and cosmetics applications.


Based on your specification, our engineering office designs the product and injection tools, working in close cooperation with your designer.


In perfect synergy, we ensure the best possible match between the design and the technical and economic constraints. 


Based on its experience in moulding transparent parts in great thicknesses, Gaggione has developed a range of transparent goodies with a highly original design, in acidulated colours.


Deliverable and customizable from 100 parts, our colourful promotional magnifiers are a delight to their users.

Due to GAGGIONE's position in these different markets, the company is one of the leaders in its field, with mastery of numerous key factors for success, and offers undeniable advantages to all its customers and partners.