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Custom made perfume spray in moulded plastics

Gaggione makes luxurious objects such as custom perfume diffusers. Our engineers know how to use their creativity to propose innovative solutions meeting designers' wishes.



L'Artisan Parfumeur Perfume spray

"Chez moi®" perfume diffuser by "L'Artisan parfumeur"


Remarkable for its design, unusual for its olfactory diffusion technology, this design object called "Chez moi®" is presented as an elegant parallelepiped, consisting of a glossy black base in PMMA and a matte white top injection moulded in copolyester, recognized for its chemical resistance.


The contrast between the base and its cover is nicely emphasised by the shape and finish of the set. Taking inspiration from the soothing spirit of Zen gardens, the cover has the outline of stylised waves on its surface. It therefore has a soft feel. The perfume "bead" drops into a little cup before being dispersed inside the diffuser. The fragrance is diffused into the atmosphere in the form of micro droplets.


Finally, a signed metal plate on the front face of the diffuser gives the object a truly luxurious elegance.