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PE and PP Polyolefins

Polyolefins are opaque in great thicknesses, and transparent in films. Although often used as containers or packaging, polyolefins are not totally impermeable to water, air or hydrocarbons.


Polyolefins are very sensitive to orientation, meaning that their mechanical properties are improved if the macromolecules have been oriented in the direction of the stress.


For these crystalline polymers, it is essential to avoid cuts which could detract from their impact resistance. Polyolefins have very good chemical stability. Polyolefins are excellent electrical insulators for varied atmospheric conditions.


PE and PP burn, even in the absence of the initiating flame, with a blue flame. Generally speaking, polyolefins present a surface on which adhesion is difficult.


Polypropylene is a flexible material, used to make hinges with good long term resistance. Gaggione mainly uses it for its standard and custom packaging.

PE and PP Polyolefins