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PA12 or Polyamide 12

Transparent PA 12 grades are amorphous thermoplastics.

Above all they have excellent resistance to chemical agents and to cracking under stress. Transparent PA 12, free of Bisphenol A, meets the approval requirements of the medical, food and drinking water sectors.

In the family of technical thermoplastics, transparent polyamide 12 stands out for its very good resistance to chemical agents. Transparent PA 12 is above all UL-94 V2 for a maximum operating temperature of 160°C.

Transparent PA 12 also has very good resistance to hydrolysis up to a temperature > 95°C.

This material is not the first to come to mind for optical components, but the Gaggione engineering office may suggest it for applications with very specific constraints.

PA12 or Polyamide 12