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Optical Silicone

Gaggione goes a step forward by adding new materials and process to its know-how and capabilities, in order to achieve new design freedom and possibilities.


Already considered an expert in making very thick transparent plastic-injected secondary optics for LED lighting for almost twenty years, today Gaggione integrates a new dedicated workshop to provide Liquid Silicone Optics. Key investments include state-of-the-art injection technology and talent base.


“Silicone resin provides the opportunity to make parts with complex design features, some of which are simply not possible with thermoplastic,” noted David Veryser, Director of Global Sales. “Liquid silicone breaks down design barriers allowing designers to create new types of parts never before possible leveraging the fast changing technologies in our market.”


Some of liquid silicone key features include:

  • More than 90% transmission in the greater than 350nm wavelength spectrum, even with thick parts.
  • Incredible resistance against UV rays, and more chemical agents than polycarbonate (PC) or acrylic (PMMA).
  • Incomparable resistance to high temperature (> 150°C) whereby PC (130°C) and PMMA (90°C) breakdown.
  • New optical design concepts thanks to micro-detail replication from liquid material properties.
  • Increased ability to integrate new functions for unique applications and total system integration.
  • Impact resistance unmatched by thermoplastics with reformation properties.


The above is only a sample list of benefits and unique technical features of liquid silicone.

More information on our leaflet: click here.


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Optical Silicone