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Optical manufacturer : Gaggione plastics injection


For over 40 years, Gaggione has developed and manufactured standard and custom optical components in injection moulded plastics, in different types of polymers: PMMA, PC.

Silicone Optics by Gaggione

Since summer 2013, Gaggione expands capabilities, introduces Liquid Optical Silicone injection services for innovative optic solutions !


Optical design, tool development, injection and peripheral processes, Gaggione provides you with a unique and global service.

All our resources are available to you, such as diamond machining for mould cavities, our reliable electric presses, or again our measurement instruments.


Discover our standard ranges:
- Lednlight standard collimators compatible with the main brands of high power LEDs. Our collimators adapt to different areas of application such as the automotive sector, backlighting, mobile telephony and light indicators on domestic appliances.

- Fresnel lenses Discover our global offer for custom development of:
- collimators
- Fresnel lenses
- diffusing lenses
- spherical, aspherical, free form lenses
- micro Lens Array
- light guide
- prisms
- mirrors treated with thin film coatings


Surcotec, our sister company, has over 10 years' experience in the field of vacuum applied surface treatments (PVD, sputtering).


The plastics we use can be recycled. We are genuinely determined to ensure better protection of the environment, and have therefore adopted a REACH approach with our suppliers.