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Luxury cases moulded in PMMA (or plexiglass) and PS

Luxury cases in PMMA (or plexiglass)


Specialising in luxury packaging, Gaggione is expert in the field and designs a range of high end cases, specially developed to meet the requirements of the perfumery, cosmetics and luxury sectors.

The discreet, clean lines of this overpackaging, injection moulded in PMMA, are suited to all types of occasions: collector's case, birthday case, limited edition case, skin care case (treatment). The thickness of the faces, at between 3 and 4mm, allows a play on light which magnifies the goods on display.

Luxury boxes in transparent PS


Polystyrene, transparent or opaque, is an interesting alternative in the event of budget constraints.


CR1800 in PS
CR700 in PMMA
CR800 in blue PS

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