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Insert design


Foam, heat moulding, document holder.... from a minimum of 100 parts, we offer you a customized service to hold, present or protect your products in our mini-cases.

  • PU or PE foam

PU foam insert

We offer different types of foam in terms of:

  • quality: PU or PE (multileaf, PTZ, etc.)
  • density: 17 to 45 kg/m3
  • colours: dark grey, white, blue, etc.... or covered with fabric in various colours
  • forming technique: stamping, deformation, milling, water jet cutting, heat compression

  • Heat moulding

grained ABS vaccuum-forming

From certain minimum quantities, for recurrent orders, or to meet specific requirements, Gaggione offers heat moulded inserts in PS, ABS and PVC:


  • opaque or transparent
  • with the option of motifs, customized colours or flocking


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  • Document holders

foam + PP document holder

Folded, welded or glued document holders, in opaque or transparent materials.


  • Flexible or rigid
  • Designed for storing documents or small items

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We help you to choose the solution best suited to your project, taking into account:



Mechanical engineering