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Gaggione history


1948 - GAGGIONE company started in the name of its founder, designer and manufacturer of moulds for injection moulding of plastics, based in Nurieux (01-FR)


1965 - Move to Montréal-la-Cluse (01-FR)

          - First mini-case for Camping Gaz


1968 - Injection moulding of thermoplastic materials becomes the main activity 


1970 - 2nd mini-case for Air Liquide 


1976 - Launch of the Plasticase brand and success on the main European markets 


1990 - 20 different models in the Plasticase product range


1993 - New standard boxes in transparent acrylic resin (PMMA) for luxury packaging ( CR) 


1995 - AFAQ ISO 9002 certification 


1999 - Acquisition of GAGGIONE by Babylone and acceleration of development into optics 

          - Construction of our first clean room 


2001 - Acquisition of our first fully electric injection press.

          - AFAQ ISO 9001 certification 


2003 - Production for the first time of a moulded optical component with precision in the order of a few microns.

          - Launch of a new line of standard boxes with a completely new design (T7)


2004 - Reinforcement of human resources in the optical engineering field and acquisition of new control and measurement resources. 


2005 - Acquisition of the cutting edge technology company SURCOTEC in Switzerland, specialist in surface coatings and R&D.



2006 - Opening of a sales office in Shanghai/China. 

          - Extension of our range of transparent boxes for the perfumery and luxury sector.

          - Launch of our LEDnLIGHT range of standard collimators 


2007 - Opening of a sales office in Chicago/USA 

          - Reinforcement of our resources in the nanotechnologies sector with acquisition of a high precision 4-axis diamond machining centre 

          - Reinforcement of SURCOTEC's human and technical resources with extension of the clean room dedicated to surface treatment .


2008 - A major first in the luxury sector: production of a prototype moulded in copolyester in very great thickness, in partnership with one of the world leaders in production of this material. 

          - Extension of our EVOLUTION case range 

          - AFNOR ISO TS 16949 certification.


2009 – Focus on standard packaging and optical components.

2010 – Acquisition of the Canadian company QUADRATEC to meet our North American customer’s needs.

2011 – Reinforcement of human and technical resources in the optical field, by the acquisition of a laboratory for optical control.