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Diamond machining

Moore FG350 machine

Our degree of precision is a few nanometres! Our facilities and resources are at your disposal so that we can develop your ideas together.


Gaggione makes its own tools for production of its optical component cavities, using a MOORE 350FG UPL (Ultra Precision Lathe) 4-axis machine equipped with Slow-Tool-Servo (STS). We have over twenty years' experience in this type of machining.


The roughness achieved, depending on materials, is 50 Anstromgs. Surface precision is λ/4 over a diameter of 150 mm.


From the very start of discussions, Gaggione, thanks to its knowledge, skills and experience, can design, manufacture and validate an optical system.


We can machine all types of materials except glass and steel. Generally speaking materials with a high carbon content are not compatible with diamond machining.

Diamond machining