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Customisable high end boxes

hot printing SILVER + tampo printing red and black
black CR3500 with silk screen print
CR700 with a mirror
cardboard sleve for CR700
  • Inserts: heat moulded, foam, machined PMMA.


The interior fittings in these luxury boxes can be transparent or opaque, or patterned.

Depending on quantities, the budget and the appearance required, inserts are made:

- in heat moulded material (crystal pvc, or other material)

- in cut, machined or heat-compressed foam (PU, PE, PTZ etc.)

- in machined crystal PMMA.



  • Several outside marking techniques.


Outside marking is done using screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping or hot image transfer techniques. We can also add a custom mirror or metal insert.


  • Outer sleeve.


A sleeve in plastic or printed cardboard keeps the box closed and adds customization options.


  • Custom colours - transparent, opaque or glitter-effect.


For certain quantities, we can produce the boxes in the colours of your choice, transparent or opaque.



crystal box with cardboard sleve
plastic sleve - tinted box in crystal PS