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Custom made soap box in moulded plastics

We make custom soap boxes, transparent, opaque or coloured, designed for very high quality care products.


Our customers are looking for particular sensory characteristics: appearance (heavy or light), transparency (light catching), colour, feel (soft), resonance, etc. To ensure customer satisfaction, we take a proactive approach, in line with designer choices in terms of aesthetics and image.



Issey Miyake soap box

Issey Miyake" soap box


With its transparency, the Issey Miyake soap box shows great delicacy.


With its purity of design, this box in PMMA, 4 to 8 mm thick, is discreet, enhancing the finished product.


Our customer's brand is shown by a discreet and elegant positive engraving on the bottom of the soap box.



Our expertise in injection moulding thermoplastics enables us to offer a wide range of materials such as PMMA, SMMA (NAS 30), SAN, PS, ASA, ABS, PC, COPOLYESTERS (PET) or ionomer resins (Surlyn).