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Custom made luxury caskets for pens

Gaggione produces custom presentation cases, transparent, opaque or coloured, designed to showcase luxury items such as pens, lighters and other fashion accessories...



Luxury box Andy Warhol for St Dupont

Luxury box for "Andy Warhol" pen


Remarkable!This "totally Andy Warhol" box consists of three elements: a plate, a base and a top.


The transparent PMMA plate, 20mm thick, free of external taper draw, is fixed to a white ABS base. Red or yellow screen printing under the plate gives an overall impression of depth. A very fine lid in white ABS, with a "suede-look cushion" glued under it, tops the set.



Finally, this presentation box is customized by pad printing in black on the plate and the lid, and hot stamping in black on one side of the base.


Our long experience in moulding thermoplastics in great thicknesses guarantees you a complete service, from engineering through to logistics, in line with your requirements. At each stage of the project, our aim is to be proactive.