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Custom made beauty product case moulded in plastics

We make very attractive boxes for skin care products.


Depending on our customers' specific requirements, we work on the aesthetics, assembling different materials using sophisticated production and finishing techniques. Although fairly simple in appearance at first sight, these skin care product boxes require considerable design research by our engineering office.




Chanel skin care case


This very fine white case consists of a base and a lid. Both consist of a double shell in injection moulded ABS, lacquered, glossy and "totally unique". They are assembled by ultrasound bonding directly at press output. The lid is held onto the base by an invisible magnetic system, concealed inside the double skin.


Playing on contrast, the white lid bears a black Chanel logo, inset by hot stamping. A 100% camera control system during the process guarantees Chanel a "zero fault" quality standard.



All the angles are 90°, highlighting the purity and simplicity of its lines. A mirror polish on the surface and slightly curved ribs meet Chanel's high standards of luxury.