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Custom luxury

Choosing Gaggione custom-made for your luxury packaging means offering your creations:

The choice of a variety of materials depending on your specification and your aesthetic, mechanical and chemical constraints.


Transparency in thickness, an essential quality for luxury. For many years now, Gaggione has stood out as one of the rare players in luxury packaging to master the art of great thicknesses associated with high quality.


The possibility of overcoming constraints to preserve aesthetics, since our skills in terms of cutting edge tool design enable us to develop luxurious custom made, high quality packaging, masking technical marks.


High density (d=1.9) materials giving a luxurious character by playing on sensory effects such as weight and tactile and sound properties. Gaggione develops products for use with detergents and food, and which can of course be recycled.


A cutting edge solution for protection by authentication to combat forgery. Our secret? Nanomaterials, found at the very heart of the material. Your packaging is marked by a unique, tamper-resistant signature. Its authenticity is detected by a simple optical scanner. 


Methodological skills to meet your most particular requirements. Based on your specification, our engineering office designs the product and injection tools, working in close cooperation with your designer, to ensure the best possible match between the design and your technical and economic constraints.