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Custom crates for hand and power tools

standard B2 crate

Our crates for hand and power tools stand up to tough conditions. Thanks to the strength and flexibility of polypropylene, they are highly resistant to impact.


Another advantage of polypropylene: it is not only recyclable, but also remarkably resistant to chemical agents and hydrocarbons.


Our crates and boxes therefore provide excellent protection for your products. We mark your logo by screen printing and develop foam or heat moulded inserts.

custom made crates
custom made crates
plastic crates for transport
plastic crates for transport

Custom crates for transport and shipment

For medium or large batch production runs, we develop crates perfectly adapted to transport or shipment of your products.


A transport crate injection moulded in polypropylene is the ideal solution due to its impact resistance and light weight.


With our custom solutions, you can ask us to make a foam or heat moulded insert.