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Custom made cosmetic jars in moulded Copolyester (PET)

Gaggione designs and manufactures transparent or coloured cosmetic jars and containers. Depending on our customers' requirements (level of transparency, colour, feel, chemical resistance), our engineers develop a variety of solutions, in line with the aesthetics and the image required by the creators. "Enhancing appearances" is Gaggione's speciality!



Cosmetic jar moulded in copolyesther

"Diamond" jar injection moulded in copolyester


Designed to demonstrate the high quality of our products, this cosmetic jar looks like a faceted crystal ball. Like a diamond, it plays on light and reflections. An ABS ring, which may be coloured, galvanized or silver, joins the two hemispheres.


To demonstrate its capacity to take up technical and aesthetic challenges, Gaggione has produced this presentation jar, combining both chemical resistance to cosmetics (to be confirmed depending on the active ingredients concerned) and unequalled transparency in copolyester. Effectively, for extreme thicknesses of up to 30 mm, we have proved that it is possible to come close to the form, purity and transparency of crystal in copolyester.


This project was developed with our partner EASTMAN , who supplied the material.