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Custom made caps and stoppers in plastic injection moulding

We make aesthetically pleasing custom caps and stoppers, transparent or coloured, designed for perfumery and spirits.


We have considerable expertise in processing great thicknesses.



Cap for Helena Rubinstein


"Helena Rubinstein" bottle stopper


Designed for dummy bottles, this PMMA stopper was moulded in a single operation.


Its specific feature lies in its 70 mm thickness. This is exceptionally thick and the result is remarkable in terms of quality.


Our technical team applied all its know-how to obtain a very high level of transparency and to achieve the geometric lines required by the designer.



Delage cap

"Delage" carafe stopper


This carafe stopper, injection moulded in a single operation, is both solid and sparkling.


With a thickness of 40 mm in S/MMA (NAS 30), this stopper has the perfect appearance of crystal while being resistant to spirits.


In addition, the section forming the seal has been reworked by diamond machining. It has a Zamak gold galvanized band and a cork.


Thanks to our expertise in injection moulding of plastics, we can offer a wide choice of materials