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Draw taper / draft :

Unlike other processes where the mould is lost (sand casting, investment casting, etc.), it is essential to ensure that the injected parts can easily be removed from the permanent mould without any deterioration. This is why surfaces of any significant area are not parallel to the direction of extraction, but differ by a very small angle, known as the draw taper or draft.


Hot stamping :

Hot stamping is a technique for marking parts by transfer of a film, using a punch maintained at high temperature.

It is used for glossy SILVER or GOLD marking.

A complete image can be transferred, including different colours and patterns.

See examples of hot stamping.


Injection mould :

The tool into which the molten plastic is injected, used for production of a defined shape.

A mould generally consists of two shells (a fixed part and a mobile part) which are pressed tightly against one another at the time of moulding, then separated to allow ejection of the moulded part.

Injection mould production is Gaggione's original business.


Injection moulding of plastics :

The softened material is first mixed using a screw rotating in a heated cylinder, then introduced into a closed mould under high pressure.

This technique allows production, in a single operation, of finished parts of complex shapes, ranging in weight from a few grams to several kilograms.

The main fields of application are industrial parts for the automotive industry, electronics, robotics, aerospace, the medical sector, etc.

Injection moulding of plastics enables Gaggione to manufacture packaging, optical components, trim parts and luxury packaging in great thicknesses.


Injection press :

Machine used for transformation of plastics and their injection into a mould.

See our production facilities.


Mirror welding :

Welding process using a heating plate insert.


Pad printing :

Pad printing is a technique consisting of using a flexible pad to transfer the ink contained in an ink cell (depth 30 microns), called the cliché or plate, obtained by chemical photo-engraving.

Gaggione uses pad printing on non-flat appearance parts, for telephony, payment terminals, household appliances, promotional items and standard boxes injection moulded in pmma.


Screen printing :

Screen printing is a decoration technique using silk screens interposed between the ink and the medium.

The ink passes through the mesh of the silk screen.

Screen printing is a reliable technique, ideal for customizing polypropylene cases or transparent visors, since it allows a sufficiently thick ink deposit.

Gaggione has several screen printing lines.


Stereolithography :

Stereolithography is a "fast-track prototyping" technique, used to manufacture solid objects from a digital model.

The object is obtained by overlaying fine layers.


Thermoplastics :

Plastic materials with the capacity to be softened several times under the effect of heat, without undergoing significant molecular modification.

Gaggione specialises in the transformation of thermoplastics by injection, and in the design of tools used to produce the moulded parts.


Ultrasound welding :

Welding process using ultrasound. Gaggione uses this process to fit metal inserts.